KY Club - Years 5-6 Youth

KY Club
For Years 5-6

Join Kinloss youth for an exciting new club for years 5-6! KY Club is the place to be! 

KY Club - New Year Party - Wednesday 18th September -

KY Club - Pizza in the Hut - Thursday 17th October -

KY Club - Movie Night - Motsei Shabbat 18th January -

KY Club - Graffiti Night - Motsei Shabbat 8th Feburary 

KY Club - Great Kinloss Bake Off - Sunday 3rd May

KY Club - Roller Skate Finale - Sunday 7th June

Dates/Events are subject to change

For more information, contact Leora and Harry on: 07827031851 or email:

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