Family Service Services, Kids

The Kinloss Family Friendly Service is about Davenning with our Children.
We meet about once a month for an abridged Tefilla (either Shacharit or Mussaf) interspersed with learning and discussion activities.
We sometimes study pessukim from the leining and see them in the Sefer Torah
When appropriate we sing Hallel.
Each Shabbat, we take out the Sefer Torah and have the children lead prayers for the Queen, Israel and the Community as well as give a brief Devar Torah. 
The discussion and activities are pitched for the 7 – 11 year olds, accompanied by parents or grandparents.
We have a mechitza for the davening as the Tefilla elements are “kosher”.
For discussions we are in small mixed circles – the idea is to have everyone engaged.
The Family Friendly Service is led by Rabbi Lawrence in conjunction with a wonderful team of experienced youth educators.

1st December, Shabbat Vayeshev (Kinloss Suite)
5th January, Shabbat Vaera (Kinloss Suite)
16th February, Shabbat Terumah/Tetzaveh (Kinloss Suite) – depends on Shabbat HaIrgun
9th March, Shabbat Pekudei (Kinloss Suite)
21st April, 2nd Day Pesach (Deal Hall)
25th May, Shabbat Behar (Kinloss Suite)
9th June, 1st Day Shavuot (Deal Hall)
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