Finchley Area

Kinloss is situated in the heart of North West London’s Jewish community. The area around the Shul is packed with a variety of Kosher restaurants, bakeries, butchers and much much more. Here are some of our local shops.

Kosher Deli 

132 Golders Green Road
Golders Green NW11 8HB
Tel: 020 8731 6450

43 Brent Street
Hendon NW4 2EA
Tel: 020 8202 0402

9a Halleswelle Parade
Finchley Road
Temple Fortune NW11 0QS
Tel: 020 8458 7933 

Kosher Kingdom
7 Russell Parade
Golders Green NW11 9NN
Tel: 020 8455 1429 

Manna Deli
146 Brent Street
Hendon NW4 2DR
Tel: 020 8201 7575 

Sushi by Ezri
Located within Moshe's
Only Sushi by Ezri is under KLBD supervision

1099 Finchley Road
Temple Fortune NW11 0QB
Tel: 020 8731 7485

108-110 Brent Street
Hendon NW4 2HH
Tel: 020 8202 5700


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