Jewish History Weekly Learning Programmes

  • 29th January
It’s all Greek to me! How the Persian Greek struggles in the Second Temple period affected the Jewish position in Israel.
  • 5th February
What did the Romans ever do for us? Roman-Jewish relations started well. They were our allies! It then deteriorated severely! This talk looks at the alliance and the reasons for the fall out.
  • 12th February
The Crusades - The Papal announcement by Pope Urban II at the Council of Clermont for the crusades made no adverse references to the Jews. How did the Crusades descend into centuries long persecution.
  • 4th March
The Enlightenment - The enlightenment in the 18th Century led to changes in outlook for both the wider world and Jewry. We examine the profound revolution in thinking and attitudes.
  • Thursday 19th March
The partitions of Poland - A large proportion of world Jewry was living in Poland in the 18th Century. We examine the impact of the partitions of Poland between Russia, Prussia and Austria on Jews in the period 1772-1795.
  • 1st April
Intersections of secular and religious history Rabbi Lawrence joins Jeremy Mindell.

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