Kinloss Club, school years 5 & 6 Youth

Kinloss Club
School Years 5 & 6
Bowling, Tribe Camp, Half-term trips, Shabbat Ha’Irgun, Chanukah Party,  Movies, Pizza, Bnei Akiva, Sister Squad, Leining Squad, Roller Disco, New Year Party, Flip-out Trampolining and much more...

Kinloss Club New Year Party! Wednesday 26th September

Kinloss Club are Doughnut Baking! Saturday 8th December

Kinloss Club are Going to Laser Planet! Saturday 26th January

Kinloss Club are Going Bowling! Spring Term

Kinloss Club are Going to the Movies! Spring Term

Kinloss Club are Having a Roller Disco! Summer Term

For further information please contact or call 07792460091
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