Lunch and Learn Online Events & Groups during Pandemic

We are honoured to be joined for our Lunch and Learn series by the following Guest Sepakers:

21 April – Chava Wulwick 'Pesach Sheni'
5 May - Rabbi Landau 'Leviticus Lullabies: Sacrifices, souls and blood - a new approach'
12 May - Rabbi Wollenberg 'Where did you get that lamp Prime Minister?  It starts at the top - trickle-down morality'
19 May – Rabbi Y Fine 'The Drashot of Rabbi Isaac Bernstein on Parshat Naso'
26 May – Rabbi Laitner 'Vyhi binso'a ha'aron... the background to this verse and why did this verse make it into the siddur?'
2 June – Rabbi D Fine 'Conformity and the Lesson of the Spies'
9 June – Rabbi Lawrence 'The life and memory of Shimon HaTzaddik'
16 June - Rabbi Vivian Silverman 'First Century Judaism'
23 June – Rabbi Roselaar 'Did Avraham Lay Tefillin?'

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