Lunch and Learn Online Events & Groups during Pandemic

We are honoured to be joined for our Lunch and Learn series by the following Guest Sepakers:

3rd February - Chava Wulwick - 'Decoding the Decalogue – Finding Hidden Meaning in the 10 Commandments'
10th February - Rabbi Y Fine - 'Drashot of Rabbi Isaac Bernstein on Parshat Yitro'
17th February  - Rabbi Wayland - 'Esther and Daniel and dealing with megolamanical egos'
24th February - Rabbi D Fine - 'Vilna Gaon on Megillat Esther'
3rd March - Rabbi Lawrence - 'When Pesach falls over Shabbat'
10th March - Rabbi Friedman - 'Why do we still keep 2 days of Yom Tov?'
17th March - Rabbi Garber - 'Hakol B’seder – will it be alright on the night? Insights and inspiration on the Haggadah'
24th March - Pnina Savery - 'Maggid and the real story of the Seder'

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