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Thank you for clicking on to book for services. The booking service works best on a laptop or desktop computer.

Please note the following:-

1) It is one booking form per individual member. At the time of booking, membership subscriptions must be up to date. Individuals over the age of 21, must have membership in their own right.
2) If a service is full it will not be available to select
3) You will receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please do not try to re-book. Please email or call the office on 0208 346 8551 for confirmation.
4) Masks must be worn in all circumstances
6) If you would like to book for the Persian Synagogue contact 
7) If you experience any problems, please email
8) By booking in below, you are agreeing to the term and conditions of attending Finchley United Synagogue as set out in email communication on 1/7/2020 -
9) The Yom Kippur Full Service (Offsite) is only available to members over the age of 21
10) The offsite venue is Pardes Primary School, Hendon Lane, N3. 

11) Please only book one service within the timeslot
12) Times and venue are subject to change

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