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  • Rabbi Lawrence Interviews Reverend Giles Fraser
    Thursday 18th October at 8pm
  • Rabbi Lawrence interviews Trevor Asserson
    Thursday 1st November at 9pm
  • This House Believes that the Media is our Friend - Debate
    Thursday 25th October 8pm-10pm
  • Kinloss Friends of Israel - Lords & Dames
    17th January - The Rt Hon Lord Pickles, 14th March - Dame Margaret Hodge MP
  • Our Spiritual Leaders, and their influence and thoughts
    Starts on 27th February at 8pm,-and-their-influence-and-thoughts-
  • Selichot - Singing You're Sorry
    Wednesday 18th September, 8pm-9.30pm
  • In Conversation with Rabbi Lawrence
    Wednesday 18th March, 8pm - Senior Middle Eastern emissary

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