Key Trends & Developments in Israeli Society & Economy

Key Trends & Developments in Israeli Society & Economy

Tuesday 3rd March, 8pm

Professor Avi Weiss will provide the most up-to-date findings on key social policy issues in Israel, including education, welfare, labour markets, healthcare, and macroeconomics – and the demographic shifts that affect all of these areas. Find out how Israel’s social and economic landscape has changed over time, how it compares with other developed countries, and how trends differ between Israel’s diverse population groups.

The Taub Center for Social Policy Studies in Israel is one of the country’s leading social policy think tanks. Based in Jerusalem, the Centre conducts and disseminates unbiased, independent research on the most pressing social and economic issues facing Israel. This is the Taub Center’s most widely requested presentation and is considered a must-see for all those with an interest in the current state – and future – of Israeli society.

No charge, re-registration is essential

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