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Youth Service
School Years 7 – 13
Join us every Shabbat and Yom Tov morning throughout the year  in a vibrant, dynamic and fun atmosphere. Lead by youth directors Leora and Harry Salter, the youth service has something for everyone. 

With explanations on Davening, a weekly Parasha quiz and discussions, the youth service is an engaging service that gives the youth opportunities to play an active role within the community. 

With opportunities to Lein, Daven, give Divrei Torah and join the committies, the youth service provides everyone with an equal opportunity to grow, learn and lead. 
Each week a sumptuous Kiddush ranging from shawarma to ice-cream is shared by us all as we celebrate the smachot of the youth. (To book a Kiddush, visit:
To sponsor a Kiddush, to give a Dvar Torah, to Lein or for any more information, please call or text: 07827031851 or email: 

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